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All About Blooms

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Welcome to Blooms Beauty. Want to look good, feel good? Want to achieve your dream career in beauty? Blooms Beauty is all that and more! You may be looking to learn a little bit about us, you’ve come to the right place. Carry on reading to learn all things Bloom Beauty, we’d love to have you.

Why Blooms Beauty?

At Blooms we want to create a unique beauty experience. We can all agree this year has been tough. After getting caught up in the job disappointment, we decided now was the perfect time to start up our dream business. Blooms Beauty was born.

With a gap in the market, we want to offer something new and exciting. Often when training in beauty you’ll be greeted to an empty room with a table sat in the middle. Blooms Beauty allows you to train in a salon environment. With other academies, often the course leader will teach on a variety of beauty treatments, teaching on courses they may not specialise in. Our teachers specialise in 1 beauty treatment, passing you the best knowledge and experience. Having 30 years combined in the beauty industry, we have an understanding of what you want from beauty training, and what makes a good high-end salon. We are proud of our new creation and can’t wait for the shop doors to open.

Who is Blooms Beauty?

So, what does Blooms Beauty bring? Compromised of both salon and academy, you can get ready for the weekend or train to achieve a career in beauty. Blooms Beauty is the UK’s biggest beauty academy offering classroom training in a variety of treatments. All our training courses are accredited by ABT and are suited to beginners or existing professionals. Courses are short offering complete convenience all whilst learning the best methods. Our academy is no in and out process, we want you to have fun whilst you achieve your goals. Classes can allow up to a maximum of 5 people, 3 people for more complex treatments. With other people sharing your goals, relax knowing you're all in this together. Receive all the support you need with our intimate class sizes and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Located in the heart of Chelmsford High Street we are within walking distance from the station and have direct links to London and other areas of the country. Our Blooms Beauty salon is a spacious and friendly environment. You will be invited with a warm welcome and even a glass of prosecco with our signature, luxury and gold treatments. We offer a diverse range of treatments brought to you by our team of beauty techs. Our staff are trained by our expert teachers, ensuring quality in every service we offer. If there’s anything our techs need to touch up on, we will help get their skills up to scratch. Come to relax in our luxurious pedicure chairs, get ready for Saturday night with our elite brow and lash technicians, or try out one of our advanced aesthetic procedures.

Here at Blooms Beauty, we are chilled, fun and proactive. We like to get stuff done, all whilst having fun and looking good. We are super excited to meet you and can’t wait to share our passion. Opening on the 12th of April we would love to see you there. If you are interested in training in your dream treatment click here. Getting glammed sound good to you? Click here to book a salon treatment.

“Bloom – The beautiful process of becoming”

See you soon,

Blooms Beauty x

Got a question? No worries, come for a chat!

01245 252194

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Unknown member
Apr 07, 2021

Lovely read! Really wonderful how Blooms came to be! I look forward to seeing you open soon. Good Luck 🤗

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