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Blooms Pedicures, Manicures and our Paraffin Wax Treatment

You may not realise it but your hands and feet go through a lot. Washing our hands several times a day is drying them out. Going back to work we’re on our feet all day. What better way to treat yourself and give your hands and feet the care they deserve than with a Blooms Manicure or Pedicure.

Our Pedi and Mani Treatments

Make your hands and feet feel soft to the touch with our signature gel pedicure or manicure. Treatment includes a marine mineral soak, relaxing soft scrub, followed with a deep nourishing massage using Almond Milk or Marine Mineral Oil.

Treat your hands and feet to what they need with our luxury gel pedicure or manicure. This treatment includes the same processes but is finished off with a lavish paraffin wax treatment to leave your hands silky-smooth.

Make your hands and feet feel a million dollars with our 24K gold gel pedicure or manicure. This treatment includes the marine mineral soak, soft scrub and deep massage. Go all out with our 24K Gold mask which removes dead skin cells and prevents dry hands.

All our pedicures and manicures include gel polish for longer lasting, smudge-free results. We use premium gel with a “builder base” so that your gel polish is stronger than most widely used brands.

Our treatments are designed to get rid of dead skin leaving fresh soft skin behind. All of our products use the best natural oils to hydrate your hands and feet.

Not to forget the prosecco served on side (18 +)

Why is it important to look after my Hands and Feet?

Hands are the most frequently used part of the body and they can become dry very fast. Constant hand washing and gel applying through-out the day causes our hands to become irritated and sore.

The skin on the back of your hands is particularly thin, so it’s important to treat it well. Our soft scrub will get to work on removing any dead skin, leaving your hands looking revitalised and glowing.

Although feet aren’t exposed to the elements, being cooped up in socks and shoes, carrying body weight all day can dry them out. Our Almond Milk and Marine Mineral Oil will give your hands and feet that much needed hydration. The smoothing massage will help relax and release any stress or pain in your hands and feet.

Cuticles might seem like no big deal but small tears can leave them vulnerable to infection. It’s important to hydrate this area to create a protective barrier against bacteria.

Caring for your hands and feet now can have long-lasting health benefits.


What are the Benefits of our Manicures and Pedicures?

Ongoing Nail Health

Our manicures and pedicures provide a deep clean for your nails, important considering the wear and tear they go through on a daily basis. The soft scrub gets to work on removing any dead skin, promoting new skin growth. New skin cells are key for growing healthy and strong nails. Looking after your hands, keeping them nourished and clean, will prevent any infections. If you’re keen to protect your nail health long term, regular manicures and pedicures are important.

Circulation Boost

Both our manicures and pedicures include a deep massage with either almond milk or marine mineral oil. A massage is an effective way to improve blood circulation. Poor circulation can cause cold or numbness in hands and feet, swelling or joint pain. Having good circulation promotes healthy nail growth, giving you longer stronger natural nails.

Keeping Hands and Feet in good condition

It is easy to forget about our hands and feet, but it’s important to give them the care that they require. Our treatments will improve the appearance of your skin and nails. Our almond milk and marine mineral oil will get to work on any areas of roughness, leaving your hands super soft to the touch. Scheduling regular pedicures and manicures will prevent dry cracked skin that can turn painful and sore. All our products contain natural oils with no harsh chemicals.

Manicures and pedicures often fall into the category of pampering and although it’s a wonderful treat for unwinding, it’s good to make this practice more than a one-time treatment.


Our manicures and pedicures are super relaxing and allow you to take some time away from your busy day. This time is just for you; relax with a glass of complimentary prosecco, have a chat with our friendly technicians or read a book. The benefits of looking after your nails and having a fresh new look, can make you feel good long after your appointment.

What is Paraffin Wax?

You may be wondering, what exactly is our paraffin wax treatment? Included in our luxury manicures and pedicures, paraffin wax is a practice that is rather exclusive.

Paraffin wax is a colourless wax that can be melted down to a liquid, applied to the skin and then peeled away. The wax is a natural emollient leaving skin instantly soft and beautiful.

Paraffin continues to boost the moisture levels even after the treatment is complete. Paraffin has a low melting point avoiding it getting too hot. The wax gets to work opening your pores and removing any dead skin helping your hands and feet feel fresh and smooth.

Paraffin wax can be super beneficial to relieve pain in hands and feet, helping with joint mobility issues. Due to the heat, paraffin wax treatments can help increase blood flow, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

The Origins of Paraffin Wax

Originally paraffin wax was used in candle making, created in 1830 by Carl Reichenbach in Germany. It marked a massive advancement in the field. 37 years later in 1867 paraffin wax was produced commercially.

Paraffin wax treatments were used in the First World War as a burn procedure, developed by Edmond Barthe de Sandfort. As well as being used to treat burns, paraffin was also found to be helpful for rheumatism, joint pain, and other skin related issues making the treatment itself more common. To keep in the heat, the treatment area was wrapped in foil or a blanket.

Seeing the treatments potential, it was soon adopted by beauty therapists and put to use hydrating and softening skin. Perspiration induced by the heat cannot escape from under the wax causing deep hydration and producing a noticeable plumping of the tissue. It was also advertised to contribute to weight reduction.

The Modern Day

Commercially, everyday items like Vaseline, which we use to replenish our cracked lips, is a kind of soft paraffin wax.

The paraffin wax treatment is popular in the world of celebrities, a credit to its youthful properties. Sophie Dahl, Denise Van Outen and Anjelica Huston are among the many who actively have paraffin wax treatments to keep skin glowing.

In the modern day the use of paraffin wax in beauty is more exclusive. A lot of salons consider it too much effort, but at Blooms we can’t deny the benefits it offers our clients.

If you are interested in our luxurious manicures and pedicures, we would love to have you.

Click here to book in and give those hands and feet some well-deserved TLC.

“Bloom – The beautiful process of becoming”

See you soon,

Blooms Beauty x

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