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Microneedling 27th March at 3pm

Microneedling 27th March at 3pm




Treatments cannot be rescheduled are are non-refundable, due to students being unable to move course dates. 


As this is a training course, we can not guarantee quick treatment times. Please allow plenty of time to be seen and for treatment to be carried out and try to keep the whole day clear from commitments if possible.


  • A patch test may be required for some treatments. 
  • As it is a training course, bookings may become slightly delayed due to the nature of the learning.
  • Before treatment commences, you will be required fill out a consent form as well as a record of your recent treatment history as well as your full medical history. This is to ensure we are fully aware of any medical conditions.
  • Models must meet the following criteria:
    • Are aged between 18 and 65 (ID may be required for certain treatments)
    • Are in good health.
    • Are not pregnant or breast feeding.
    • Have suitable areas for treatment.


By booking this treatment, I agree to the following:


  • Blooms Salon is not required or liable for any treatments taken place at Blooms Academy by any students, and our technicians are not required to fix any work completed by those who do not work at the Salon.
  • I am receiving a highly discounted treatment in return for being a model for a trainee. Standard of the treatment cannot be 100% guaranteed. 
  • It is my responsibility to have a patch test if required for the treatment. 
  • I agree to arrive on time and I am fully aware my appointment start time may be delayed. 
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